Poinsettia Care: How To Look after Your Plant

Do you know that the poinsettia plant is the nationwide emblem of Madagascar? Moreover, the traditional Aztecs referred to poinsettias as ‘cuetlaxochitl’. In fact, they knew about poinsettia care and had many makes use of for the vegetation. As an example, they used the flowers (extra just like the leaves referred to as bracts) to create a purple dye for clothes and cosmetics. Poinsettias produce a milky white sap (referred to as sap latex), and the Aztecs used it to deal with fevers.

So, how did the poinsettia plant come to america? Joel Roberts Poinsett was a botanist, doctor, and the primary U.S. Ambassador to Mexico (1925). Now we have him to thank for introducing the gorgeous poinsettia vegetation to america. At present, there are greater than 100 forms of poinsettias. And in the event you go to Mexico and Central America, you’ll discover that they will develop 10-15 toes tall.

In the event you’ve ever obtained a poinsettia plant as a present, you will have surprise, “How on earth do I care it?” Alas, you’re not alone. It doesn’t matter in the event you’ve obtained a pink, pale yellow, or white poinsettia, these vegetation require the right care to take care of their vacation blooms. At Enhancements, we’re supplying you with poinsettia care ideas so you possibly can maintain your plant trying good all through the vacation season.

Methods to Look after a Poinsettia Plant

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Whether or not you’ve obtained a poinsettia plant as a present and even need to present somebody the tropical plant, you’ll need to comply with some guidelines to make sure it thrives through the vacation season. With the fitting care, it’s possible you’ll even encourage your plant to bloom once more subsequent 12 months, if that’s what you need. In any other case, think about including it to your compost pile after it’s achieved blooming. Listed here are some poinsettia care ideas that may enable you prolong your plant’s blooms.

Fertilizing a Poinsettia

In case your poinsettia is in bloom don’t fertilize it! You solely do that after the vacation season in the event you plan on maintaining the plant. If that is so, give your poinsettia houseplant a well-balanced fertilizer each two weeks or as soon as a month. So long as it’s in the fitting surroundings, you possibly can anticipate your plant to regrow inside a couple of weeks.

Giving Poinsettias the Proper Gentle

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It’s an oxymoron that the poinsettia, a tropical plant, is standard through the vacation season as a result of it wants numerous daylight. Nonetheless, place yours on a windowsill the place it might get numerous sunshine. In case your window faces east, west, or south (ideally suited), your poinsettia ought to thrive. Additionally, maintain your property’s temperature between 65 and 70 levels Fahrenheit through the day. Remember that if the leaves contact a chilly window, they might fall off. As you possibly can inform, poinsettia care consists of getting the sunshine excellent.

Poinsettia Watering

How typically do you water poinsettias? First, you shouldn’t overwater the plant, however it shouldn’t be dry both. Make sure that it drains sufficient because it’s susceptible to root rot. In case your poinsettia got here with a wrapper (most do), rigorously poke holes within the backside and place it in a planter that has holes in order that any extra water can drain. You might also place it on a plastic saucer or use a water guard plant trivet. If your home is dry, maintain your poinsettia hydrated by misting the leaves with a water bottle or plant mister. You might also use a humidifier. The purpose is to simulate a tropical surroundings.

Stopping Poinsettia Leaves from Falling

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In case your poinsettia plant is dropping its leaves, you’ll need to discover out why. One motive could also be as a result of it’s too chilly in your home or your plant is close to a drafty window. In fact, your home could also be too dry. Or maybe your poinsettia isn’t getting sufficient water. Then once more, possibly it’s getting an excessive amount of water. In the event you attempt all the things, it’s possible you’ll have to discard your poinsettia plant.

Trimming a Poinsettia

One factor about poinsettia care is figuring out find out how to trim your plant. Nevertheless, it is best to solely do that if you wish to maintain it previous the winter. Trim your plant to 1 or two buds, which is about four to six inches tall, as soon as the leaves fall off. You possibly can anticipate this to occur in early spring as a result of that is when the lateral progress begins. If you see new progress, prune your poinsettia again as a result of it will provide you with a bushier plant. Remember that the leaves could also be smaller. In case your poinsettia is exterior, trim your plant usually as a result of it might change into leggy.

The Legend of the Poinsettia

Legend has it that there was as soon as a poor Mexican woman named Pepita who didn’t have a gift to present to the infant Jesus on Christmas Eve. As she walked to the chapel along with her cousin Pedro, he tried to consolation her by saying, “Even the smallest present, given by somebody who loves him, will make Jesus completely happy.”

Not figuring out what to present, Pepita picked a handful of weeds from the roadside and created a small bouquet from them. Despite the fact that she was embarrassed, she walked to the altar, remembering what Pedro stated. She knelt down and put her bouquet on the backside of the nativity scene. What occurred subsequent was nothing in need of a miracle! The weeds burst into shiny pink flowers. From that second on, they have been referred to as the ‘Flores de Noche Buena’, or ‘Flowers of the Holy Night time’.

Some consider the form of the poinsettia flower resembles the Star of Bethlehem which led the Clever Males to Jesus. The pink leaves are believed to symbolize the blood of Christ, whereas the white leaves symbolize his purity.

Whether or not or not the legend is true, the heartwarming story of Pepita reveals how even the smallest and easiest present can imply essentially the most.

Are Poinsettias Toxic?

You could have questioned, “Are poinsettias toxic?” The vegetation aren’t toxic. Nevertheless, people and pets mustn’t eat them as a result of they will trigger an upset abdomen, vomit, and drooling. Poinsettias have been examined, and the proof reveals that they’re not poisonous or unsafe to have in the home. Nevertheless, they exude a milky sap when damaged. In the event you’re delicate to it, it’s possible you’ll escape in an itchy rash. Lastly, don’t prune your poinsettia plant together with your arms or rub your eyes after touching it. Wash your arms after dealing with your poinsettia!

Poinsettia Care Can Maintain Your Plant Wholesome

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Many individuals embrace a poinsettia plant as part of their Christmas decorations. And why not! They’re simple to take care of, however if you’d like yours to bloom a second time, it should want some TLC. The excellent news is that you just deal with them like your different houseplants. Make sure that they’ve shiny mild and allow them to dry a bit earlier than watering. You’ll additionally need to feed (comply with the instructions on the label) them a superb, presumably natural, liquid houseplant fertilizer. Don’t panic when the leaves (or bracts) fade and fall off of your poinsettia plant. It’s an indication that that you must in the reduction of the stems to beneath the flowers so it might proceed to develop. When you study the ins and outs of poinsettia care, your plant will look good through the vacation season.

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